All those users Sony has means that it fortnite items

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All those users Sony has means that it fortnite items

Messaggiodi rsgoldfastshop » gio dic 06, 2018 05:21

The business said something similar when it talked about courting Sony for crossplay back in August.

There are 3 Distinct things happening You've got companies like mine which promote cross-play and enable cross-play. You have a programmer and content owner that needs cross-play and is encouraging cross-play, then you have another platform holders and exactly what it is they do. When it comes to Fortnite weapons other system holders, as far as you have influence on other stage holders, I do not. And that's a decision that each one of them are making, and a few are supporting cross-play and some aren't."

Sony itself has been type of dickish about its refusal to play fine. It finally gave BBC a statement about the matter . If this is not a we hear you and do not care response then I am not sure what is.

Sony went on to note that it has 80 million users. That is different from the 73 million games Variety maintained were in the last month. Both amounts could be true--lots of families have more than 1 user on a games console, and both numbers are still more than double the consoles Microsoft has sold.

All those users Sony has means that it buy fortnite items really doesn't even need to give a shit what Microsoft or Nintendo thinks. It is the biggest kid at the park by a large margin.

It might not play nice with it's immediate competitors, but it has no problem playing nice with Apple, Windows, and Android--all of which have much, much, much larger userbases than Sony's PS4 games console.
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